Engine Sound | Mid-January update
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Mid-January update

We had a great week working with some of the most talented artists and writers out there!

Just wrapping up production and a mix on a cowrite with an incredible new artist named Odiseas Georgiadis. We really love this guy!
You’ll be seeing a lot of him this year on the screen with a film coming out in about a month titled “All We Had” with Katie Holmes and another major role in the works as we speak. He’s been all over TV and recently featured in “Gotham”. We believe you’ll be hearing him just as much as well as soon as we finish this mix!
OG 12308108_10153850651134905_5413608812554346393_o

Also wrapped a mix for a new power single for pop/R&B artist Shontelle this week. We had a lot of fun in the studio and she sounds amazing as usual:-)
huge_avatar 12240428_10153838157604905_215027201727380725_o

Tracked our long time friend Cassidy Ladden on a new song last night. She’s one of our favorite singers simply one of the best out there. It was great to catch up and get to listen to her voice as always:-)
Lastly, we continued progress on an exciting new EP for a truly gifted and unique new artist named Amanda Rain. Along with co-producer and writer extraordinaire Kathy Sommer (whom we see a lot of these days:-), we are creating some really bold and cutting new material that we feel excited to be a part of!

It’s been a great way to kick off the new year!