Engine Sound | It was 24 years ago today!!!
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It was 24 years ago today!!!

Today marks Matt Anthony’s 24th year as an audio guru! On April 1st 1992 he was officially hired as assistant engineer at Zen Music on 26th Street in Manhattan by the good folks Craig Hazen and Julie Dansky. He had the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented engineers, producers, writers and musicians in the city and the world for then next 10 years of employment there as he worked hard and worked upward branching out into production, composing and sound design.

A lot has changed since his first day as an assistant but the things that really matter the most have remained a constant. There is no replacement for a great song. There is no replacement for a great voice, be it sung or performed through an instrument. There is no replacement for hard work, determination and creativity.  The way we produce, record and package all these things has changed an incredible amount and always will, but if you listen to the music that is inspiring and rising up at any time you will always find the same core elements. Let’s continue to strive for them.
Enjoy the weekend!

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