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Happy Friday the 13th all!

Back in 1980 a young Kevin Bacon was getting his film start in the horror film centered around this day. For most of our youth we had nightmares about this film yet it’s many sequels yet never stopped getting excited when a new one came out. It was one of the better sound design moments of the day (ch, ch ,ch, ha, ha, ha). C’mon, you know it! Thanks for the sound and score Harry Manfredini…
And now that a few of our friends and colleagues play with Mr. Bacon and his brother in their band, we managed to hook our wives (and rabid Bacon fans) up with a meet and greet thus gaining us massive points AND proving the six degree phenomenon:-)

It was a great week working with some amazing talent! Melissa Otero, Odiseas Georgiadis, Cassidy Ladden, Haley Warner and more…

It was also the AMP awards which we attended and got a chance to catch up with so many old friends and fellow composers and producers! We all had a great time right down to the James Hotel after hang:-) It was great once again seeing Georg Bissen from Metatechnik and old friend and colleague Angelina Powers from Superpowers. Caught up with and had funny flashbacks with Randy Lee from Limebeat and we met the really sweet folks at Headroom in NYC and Comma in Chicago…

Enjoy the weekend everyone!